Thursday, January 28, 2010

Find your keys!

So, Jimmy flies into Middleofnowherevilletown, Michigan, and his friend Eugene picks him up from the aeroport. Though proud of the way he's handled his facebook seperation anxiety thus far, Jimmy's itching to get on the internet. Upon arrival at Eugene's house, Jimmy opens up the laptop he's been clutching to his chest.
"Hey, whats your WEP key?"
"My wuh?"


So Jimmy asks to use Eugene's computer.
"My.. internet broke?"

..double shit.

How to avoid getting Jimmy'd, after the hop

I found out about this neat little util whilst travelling with my family in Chile.
We'd just arrived at my grandaunt[?]'s house and while she had a wireless router, neither she nor her husband knew the key. (a friend had set it all up for them)

..Long story short, she had a laptop which had the key in its cache and so automatically connected. Of course, my mom wanted to get on facebook with her ipod, my sister wanted to get on facebook on our laptop, and my grandaunt wanted her laptop back! So, seizing possession of the laptop, I googled, and came across two utils that have since resided on my flashdrive.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:
These awesome utilities dig up the cached keys to wireless networks, Microsoft Office, and even the copy of Windows installed on a machine!

Read up @ NirSoft for more

NOTE that when using WirelessViewKey to dig up WPA keys from an XP registry, it will only be found in HEX. this is because XP automatically converts it when storing; however, you can use this just like any other key, if you dont mind typing 64 digits into your iphone that is. In Vista [and probably 7, too] WPA keys are stored as ASCII [yes. it IS pronounced ASS KEY. now let me get back to my point] all WEP keys are stored as ASCII and HEX.

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