Saturday, January 23, 2010

Super-Powered Laser Pointer -Update-

Okay be honest, laser pointers are only fun/useful for so long before you get bored (unless you own a cat.)
How much would you totally dig a laser pointer that burned more than your retinas?
Materials and directions after the jump

This DIY project consists of the following materials:
Average Laser Pointer
Tiny Screwdriver

First, just disassemble that bad boy,
look for the variable resistor (looks like a small phillips-head screw),
tighten the resister just a bit (not too much, you'll burn out your laser!),
and finally reassemble that sucker.

Disassemble, Tighten, Reassemble, Burninate.

Directions @

UPDATE: i bought a cheap laser pointer at a thrift store today,
and i failed to find any variable resistor. So i have nothing to tune....
So this project may only work with select laser pointers.

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  1. Ditto to the update..

    and i was so excited to try it too.. *sniff*