Wednesday, January 20, 2010


hello there visitor!
allow me to introduce this website.
here you find a collection of various Do It Yourself projects or that would be fun to work on in your spare time just for the hell of it, or to save money.
these projects can range anywhere from small program tweaks to make your computer or programs run better, or differently, or all the way to a hefty hardware store visit to make yourself something technical and fantastic.

most of these DIY projects will not be attempted by myself, this is not a DIY project review site either.
i am merely a gateway and organizer to various DIY stuff i find online, or is told to me from friends.

i very much hope you find this website both intriguing, comedic, and distracting.
i would also love it if some of these projects save you some money

thanks for visiting,
Michael Castellanos!

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